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Players are given 30 diamonds at the start of the game. There are 14 ways to obtain additional Diamonds for free: Completing achievements (477 total diamonds) Catching new fish (430 total diamonds) Excavating them in the mine (Limit of 10 per day) Finding them in Mystery Boxes and Treasure Chests. Getting diamonds on Hay Day can prove challenging initially, especially if you're not willing to part with real cash. However, if you're patient, you'll amass quite a few to spend on things that count, like increasing the capacity of your farm machines to produce goods or to extend the amount of goods you can sell in the store. You can excavate a maximum of ten diamonds per day, which makes it one of the most efficient ways to grab the shiny stones. The likelihood of you getting a diamond is dependent on the tool you use when mining. Dynamite has a 6% chance, TNT an 8% chance, Pickaxe a 9% chance and Shovel an 11% chance.

How to get diamonds in Hay Day? In Hay Day there are many different ways to get some of those neat diamonds. Also if you want you can watch the video below that talks all about how you can get some diamonds as well. Achievements: you can get some free diamonds in Hay Day by completing actievements. All of them give you at least one diamond but Diamonds are the most valuable currency in Hay Day. There are ways to get more diamonds and even free diamonds. If you synchronize Facebook with the game, you'll get diamonds everytime you go up a level. Players also get five diamonds for logging in using Hay Day, discovering a movie ticket and watching a trailer for another video game. Hay Dayis a free mobile game for iOS and Android that places you in charge of a small family farm. You can grow crops, raise livestock, and build up the best farm out there. Everything you do takes time though, which is how the developer, Supercell, is able to make money on this type of free-to-play game.

Hay Day is a farm simulator mobile games developed by Supercell which is the team of trending strategical games Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. Hay Day has less fights than Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, but it is the same full of strategies as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. How to Earn Free Diamonds: Getting free Diamonds in Hay Day is much simpler than it has been in other 'social' games, where premium currencies are tightly controlled. Below is a list of all the ways to get free Diamonds in Hay Day, along with a guide providing more information on each one.

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another Hay Day video!In this video I am sharing with you some methods of getting free diamonds in Hay Day without any H**K Hay Day Items Buy Hay Day Diamonds, Tools & Food Items Seize the day and make some hay! Make like ol’ McDonald and experience the best that farm life has to offer. PlayerAuctions has all the Hay Day diamonds, tools & food items you need all under one virtual roof. #HAYDAY #R3DKNIGHT — Hay Day — Diamond Deco Packs, Kite Stand, Classic Car, Hot Air Balloon is the focus of this video by R3DKNIGHT. He will show the new dia